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Additions are part of our everyday life. That's why, and even though we all carry a calculator on our phones nowadays, it is important that your child learns how to complete these operations correctly. For a few tips on how to introduce your child to adding, continue reading.

How to Help a Child Learn to Add

  1. Before your child begins to add, they should be familiarized with numbers, counting, what additions are, and other basic math concepts. This way, you will have a base upon which you can build more complex math operations.
  2. Once your child knows what additions are and feels comfortable counting, you should challenge them to skip count. For instance, if they skip count in 3s (3, 6, 9, etc.), they'll be inadvertently adding, which will help them grasp the concept better.
  3. Speaking of introducing your child to the concept of adding, you can make use of quantifiable objects. Asking your child to count a few pencils, for example, then adding more and telling them to count again, will give them a more real approach to what adding is.
  4. Finally, ensure that your child practices this new skill regularly. The more they work on developing this skill, the better they'll become at it. However, when they practice, they shouldn't be using their calculator or fingers.

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